Humbleness is in Order

“Life is a miracle beyond our comprehension, and we should reverence it even when we have to struggle against it….  The resort to weapons such as insecticides to control it is a proof of insufficient knowledge and of an incapacity so to guide the processes of nature that brute force becomes unnecessary. Humbleness is in order; there is no excuse for scientific conceit here.”

Dr. C.J. Briejer, quoted in Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring.

5 comments on “Humbleness is in Order

  1. Bill, I have to say that I’m not a true organic gardener. I have resorted to chemical warfare. The first year of my taming of Terra Nova Gardens, I had limited use of weed control chemical spray but I don’t intend to do that again. I have never used any kind of bug spray as I suspect the wild turkey flock in the neighborhood has kept the bug and tick population at a minimum. There are two wild cats that roam the woods so I suspect the small rodent population has been reduced to tolerable levels. Garter snakes live in the brush piles which is also a deterrent to bugs and small rodents. The balance of nature already thrives in my garden area. I don’t want to upset that balance too much with my intrusion. My goal is to live in harmony with nature and maybe just get a bonus of some produce at the season’s end.

    Have a great organic garden day.


  2. Farmgirl says:

    And we all said, “Amen.”


  3. Being an organic gardener is one very tangible way to show respect for creation; we are rewarded for it with a clear conscience and healthy productive soil.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


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