A View


Looking east, at dusk, out an upstairs window of the old cabin, toward the back of the “Old House” and across our south pasture. I spent a bunch of evenings enjoying this view during deer hunting season.

13 comments on “A View

  1. Bill, views of God created landscapes really soothes the soul, doesn’t it. Landscapes have always been my favorite kind of art. Some times I let my imagination go and think about all the hundreds of years that land has been there and what it must have looked like over the eons. How many other people took the time to view the same landscape and what were their lives like.

    My Terra Nova Garden was literally a river bottom. I mean the actual bottom of the Missouri river. The Corps of engineers in the 1920s rerouted the river for flood control. The topsoil is an actual 18 inches deep. I can’t imagine the pioneers standing on top of the high bank behind my garden looking down upon the river would have thought that someday a crazy old coot would be gardening there. I do have a spring that I plan on developing into irrigation for the garden. I have dug out a section that will hold about 100 gallons to use for watering by just using a five gallon bucket to haul water to the plants. After using 50 or 60 gallons to water my garden last year, the water level in the spring would be fully recovered by the next day. Is that sweet or what? My future plans are to develop the spring to use to fill strategically located barrels around the garden for irrigation. That might take a couple years.

    Have a great pondering moment viewing God’s portrait just for you to enjoy.


    • Grandparents on both sides were farmers. We ourselves had gardens (not just one). People who farmed used to favor bottom lands for growing certain things but imagine the actual bed – in North Carolina it would have been called a “crick” (creek) bed – such as Cane Creek, near Snow Camp. Amazing after re-routing, a great story of the land, Sense of Place.


    • Bill says:

      I do that too–imagine the scene over the decades, centuries and eons. Just the scene in that picture has changed tremendously since my childhood. It is fun, and humbling, to imagine the past in scene. Thanks for the reminder.


  2. Jeff says:

    Late fall and early spring are my two favorite times of the year. Late fall because of the beautiful carpet of leaves and the leafless trees and early spring because of the mist of green.


  3. Looking down over such a view always leaves me with a special feeling … as though the land is alive and I understand this somehow …


  4. df says:

    A pleasing view, open space and a sense of the horizon is so important to our well-being; what a lovely view you have to enjoy!


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. We are really blessed to have lots of great views here. The blog header is the view off our back deck. I think wide open spaces have great value, and importance.


  5. shoreacres says:

    Annie Dillard says we can travel far, or travel deep. Your views give you the luxury of looking far or looking deep – what a treasure.


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