Real Cold

Luckily there wasn’t much that needed doing outside yesterday.  It was 3 when I first went out to check on things, and it never got above 20.  That’s exceptionally cold for us.  Fortunately the wind died down overnight, so it wasn’t as bone-chilling as it might have been.

It was so cold they didn't want to come out.  I don't blame them.

It was so cold they didn’t want to come out. I don’t blame them.

On days like this, a fuzzy fur coat helps.

On days like this, a fuzzy fur coat helps.

I've never had this happen before.  The egg froze and cracked open.

I’ve never had this happen before. The egg froze and cracked open.

There are icicles growing out of the ground.

There are icicles growing out of the ground.

So I spent most of the day inside, catching up on other things.  I did go out in the afternoon to cut some more firewood.  I know that many people are struggling with high heating bills this winter. I’m very glad that we’re able to keep ourselves warm and toasty at nearly no cost, while burning wood from trees that have fallen naturally on the farm–a renewable resource and a sustainable way to stay warm.

It’s warmed up this morning.  Right now it’s 7.

But looking ahead to Saturday’s forecast causes me to chuckle.  High 63 Low 51.

That’s more like it.


12 comments on “Real Cold

  1. df says:

    That egg! We don’t get eggs from our chickens at all during the winter, just too cold here as you can imagine. And they won’t be coming outside unless we get a rare, crazy warm day well above zero (and even then they won’t trust it!). I’d love a fur coat like those sweet little goats have; what a great way to stay toasty! Knowing you have your own wood to burn removes all kinds of anxiety from the equation, doesn’t it. Enjoy your warmer temps when you get them back 🙂


    • Bill says:

      Our chickens lay very few eggs this time of year, but we do still get a few. I’ve never had one freeze in the coop before.

      One good thing about a couple of single digit days is that it changes your notion of what is really cold. I just came in from outside. It’s 23 right now and it actually felt sorta warm to me. 🙂


  2. Bill, 60! Wow, I wish there was a hope for that here but we won’t be seeing 60 until about March or maybe April. Two years ago we had a winter that was the opposite of this one. The days were more than unseasonably warm. We had a 80 something day in the middle of January. I kind wish we would snag one of those now but it really doesn’t look like that’s going happen this year. The best we can hope for is the predicted 40 degrees on the weekend. I’ll take it. It will feel like spring after being so cold in the month of December.

    Have a great warm weather day.


    • Bill says:

      Saturday’s forecast high is now 68. The weather here can change quickly.

      We’ve had several unseasonably warm winters lately, including last year. Last year we never had 24 hours below freezing. But it got cold in March and seems to have stayed that way ever since.

      I reckon life would be less interesting if the weather was constant and predictable.


  3. shoreacres says:

    No ice here today. It was 40 at ten o’clock, and by 4 a.m. it was 48. We’ll send it your direction.

    I’m really curious – what is causing those icicles to grow up from the ground? I don’t remember ever seeing that before.


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. I’m looking forward to the thaw.

      The ground was wet from the rain we’ve been having. That’s a spot of red clay. I’m guessing that when the water in the clay froze, it rose up in those icicles rather than freezing in the dirt. But we have a lot of clay on the farm and I didn’t see that anywhere else, so I don’t have a good explanation.


  4. Great photos – the ice crystals remind me of barnacles. The goatlings are just too cute. I’ve often wondered what happened with eggs getting laid during the kind of cold so much of North America is getting just now. Now I know. We’ve got it pretty balmy here in the PNW, in fact it’s pouring with rain – sorry Midwesterners, I know that’s not fair…


    • Bill says:

      This day is starting out beautifully. But it’s supposed to start raining again this weekend.

      Even with all the cold weather we’ve had, we haven’t had any snow yet. I know I shouldn’t gripe about the cold weather when I so many people are suffering through blizzards.

      It’s all relative I suppose. 🙂


  5. Oh my goodness, those goats! We’ve been seriously considering Nigerian Dwarf goats lately. I just think they are the cutest things ever. I’m even more tempted now after seeing your cuties.

    PS – Thank you so much for sharing that quote about digging in on my blog. I love it!


    • Bill says:

      There’s not much cuter on earth than baby goats. We have a bunch of them running around these days and we love it. 🙂

      Glad you enjoyed the Snyder quote. I thought of it immediately when I read your post.


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