Guerrilla Gardening


Commenting here, Ella has on a couple of occasions likened the food movement (or whatever it might be called) to a form of guerrilla warfare against the industrial food system. I like that image. In that metaphor, our primary weapons are our gardens.

Growing our own food is important, of course.  And turning our yards into gardens is fine little jab at the empire, a bit like beating swords into plowshares.

But I especially appreciate those who take the fight to the enemy, with guerrilla gardens.


Some folks aren’t content just to put raised beds in their backyards and to grow food in their window sills.  Like modern-day Johnny Appleseeds, some commandos plant gardens in vacant lots and in unused public “green space.”  They call themselves guerrilla gardeners and this morning I salute them.  A tip of the hat to you, my comrades.


We did a bit of that, with friends, a couple of times.  One year we planted flowers in the courtyard area of a neglected apartment building, owned by a slumlord and populated by folks who could benefit from some prettiness in their otherwise ugly surroundings.  The next year we planted beans and tomatoes.  It was fun.  It left us feeling good.



Note to self–do some guerrilla gardening in 2014.