A couple of weeks ago Laura from Applewood Farm said some nice things about this blog.  She shared some interesting facts about herself, listed some of her favorite blogs, and invited me (and others) to do likewise.  So, for what it’s worth, here’s my response.

To begin, here are seven random possibly interesting things about me:

1. I was a disc jockey at a college radio station.  I was on the air the night John Lennon was murdered.  

2. I was a sports junkie for much of my life.  I spent countless hours in stadiums, arenas, at race tracks or sitting in front of a television watching other people play football, basketball, baseball or race cars.  I wish I could have those hours of my life back.

3. I was a music junkie for much of my life.  I spent countless hours in stadiums, arenas and clubs or sitting in front of my stereo listening to music played by other people.  Those were hours well-spent.  No regrets.

4. Famous people I’ve seen in airports:  Loren Green, Wolfman Jack, Waylon Jennings, Jennifer Knapp, Jesse Jackson, Johnnie Cochran.

5. I totalled two different 1972 Ford Mavericks when I was a teenager.  I flipped one and drove the other one into a light pole.  Fortunately I walked away nearly unscathed both times.

6. My father died of a heart attack when he was 49 years old.  His father died of a heart attack when he was 56.  His grandfather died of a heart attack when he was 53.  Until I met Cherie I had no expectation of living past middle age, and I lived like someone who didn’t expect to live long.  All of that stupid way of thinking is in my past now.  I’m 53 and in great health.

7. Although I loved this farm when I was growing up, I could never have imagined someday choosing to be a farmer.

Now I’m supposed to list up to 15 of my favorite blogs. That one is just too difficult for me.  I read lots of blogs (probably way too many), and it’s honestly just too hard for me to narrow my favorites down like that.  I can honestly say that Laura’s blog is what I’d like mine to be like. I envy her wit and her wordsmanship.  I also appreciate that her posts are always about farm life.  But I don’t expect I’ll ever be able to write with a sense of humor, nor do I expect to have the discipline to blog only about farm life.  So, alas, this blog will likely stay as it is, for better or worse.

Although I’m not going to make a list of favorites, I will mention a couple of blogs that helped me rethink blogging and caused me to change the direction of this blog.

I’ve been blogging for over five years, putting up a new post nearly every day.  For a time my posts were often angry rants.  I never commented on the blogs I read and I rarely responded to any comments on this blog.  My blog-reading was passive and my blog posts were monologues, not conversation starters.

Somehow years ago I discovered the excellent blogs of Teresa Evangeline and Shoreacres (The Task at Hand).  Teresa’s posts were beautiful combinations of art, music, poetry and thoughtful reflections.  Linda’s (Shoreacres) were finely crafted essays that never failed to fascinate and wow me.  As much as I enjoyed their posts (and still do of course) I didn’t try to imitate their blogging styles.  That would have been a ridiculous (albeit amusing) failure.  But from their blogs I learned that blog posts can be great conversation starters.  They always responded thoughtfully to comments and I found myself often enjoying the comments almost as much as the post itself. I still don’t comment as often as I should, but I did adopt their practice of responding to comments and that has added a new dimension to blogging that I’ve come to really enjoy.

There are lots of really great blogs out there, and I keep finding more.  Sometimes I resolve to just stick with the ones I’m already reading, then I think of the great reads I would have missed had I done that earlier.  So for now I’ll just keep reading my ever-growing list.  Feel free to pass along any recommendations.  🙂

Happy Blogging in 2014!