A Seat at the Table

Earlier this week I was asked to serve on our Governor-elect’s Transition Council on Agriculture and Forestry Policy.  Yesterday we had our first meeting in Richmond, beginning work on generating a document that will be presented to the incoming governor, outlining agricultural and forestry policy objectives for the next four years.

Obviously there are LOTS of Virginians working in our part of agriculture who are way more qualified than me to be on this Council.  But thanks to a customer who knows us and our farm, I’ll get to be a part of the process.  Of course regular readers already know what I’ll be advocating, and what I won’t.

Once the process is complete, which should be shortly before the inauguration, I should be able to discuss it.

In the meantime, I’m very pleased that there is a seat at the table for local food and small family farms.


14 comments on “A Seat at the Table

  1. local food and small family farm seat at the table, yes!


  2. How wonderful! This is real progress! And isn’t that somehow ironic? 🙂


  3. What an interesting experience. Looking forward to hearing about the outcome later. And I think they picked an excellent representative for local food and the small family farm!


  4. Jeff says:

    Unfortunately, the first step that the political class takes to marginalize threats to their hold on power is to set up a committee to study the issue. The report is duly generated and then it is filed with all of the other reports that committees in the past have submitted about the problem that they studied. I wish I could be more optimistic, but I’m not. Not when the transition team for a governor whose brother-in-law, I think you wrote, is involved in uranium mining, is doing the appointing.


    • Bill says:

      I’ll feeling more confident on that issue now. Most of the ag policy is unrelated to local food/small farms of course. I think my role is just to be a voice for our side.


  5. This is excellent news, Bill. With your background in law and passion for real food, you are a perfect representative. all the best


  6. shoreacres says:

    Clearly, it’s going to be an interesting experience for you, and you’ll be an asset to the committee. I’m so pleased for you – and anxious to hear more reports.


  7. EllaDee says:

    I’m pleased you have a seat at that table… even though it’s a different country & government to mine, I believe that real people who have real lives should have greater representation everywhere than they currently do.


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