CSA Break and Breaking Ice

The weird weather we’ve been having all year continues.  Last week we had snow flurries.  Sunday night’s low was in the teens.  This morning we’re getting freezing rain (the meteorological euphemism is “wintry mix”).  It’s just too early for that here.  The last few years we’ve nursed our fall gardens all the way to spring.  This year I’m not sure they’ll make it to December.

Our CSA is winding down, perhaps just in time.  We do three drops during the week and we made the last delivery of the year to our Monday members yesterday.  It’s been a trying year.  The summer was lean at times but we managed to keep the CSA bags filled every week.  It feels good to be closing strong, with lots of great veggies in the gardens.  I love our members and especially love being able to get delicious nutritious organic produce to them every week.  But I am ready for a break.  It will be nice not to have to worry about picking and packing so often.

On the way back from our delivery yesterday we stopped at a nearby farm and bought 22 pullets (young hens).   They’re a motley crew.  It was too dark to take pictures but I’ll try to post some soon.  I’m sure our young barred rock pullets are pleased to no longer be at the bottom of the White Flint pecking order.

A few years ago Cherie read about a farm that had a heated chicken waterer.  I remember her laughing about how her life had changed, so that now if she envied something someone else owned, it was a heated chicken waterer.

We still don’t have one (and I don’t expect we ever will).  So while I’d rather not venture out into the wintry mix this morning, I reckon I’d better go break the ice in the chicken waterers.

4 comments on “CSA Break and Breaking Ice

  1. shoreacres says:

    Believe me, we’re giving thanks for 38 degrees this morning. With three days of rain behind us, we could have had a real mess. Unfortunately, what’s cruising out of here today is headed your way.
    Winter was mild last year, but the year before January was tough. More than once, I had to break ice in the bird baths.

    I’m on enforced break myself, and not pleased about it. I need the work hours. Ah, well. The solution? Soup making – chili, vegetable beef and butternut squash. At least suppers will be ready in the freezer when I finally can go back to work.

    I may even get started on Christmas cards today. I did find them – that’s the first step!


    • Bill says:

      The forecast if for this icy mess to turn into heavy rain this afternoon.
      I’m fixing to hunker down with a pot of coffee and a pile of notes that I’m hoping to turn into a chapter. I won’t feel much temptation to go outside.


  2. shoreacres says:

    I suspect you’ll get a kick out of this conflation of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. Happy Thanksgivukkah!


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