A New Season

The rhythm of life on the farm changes with the seasons. Now the days are shorter and colder.  We’re beginning to put the gardens to bed for the winter.  In those that are still producing food, we don’t have to worry much about weeds and pests. Things are slowing down.  Nature is calling for a time of rest.

But even as some tasks become less urgent or unnecessary, others rise in importance. Our woodshed, neglected by me during the busyness of summer, now stands empty. So every day I have to go cut the wood for that day’s heat.  That’s not a sensible system.  A few days devoted to cutting wood are in order.

It’s also time to bushhog the hayfields, laying them to rest until spring.  That project will take several days to finish and it has not yet begun.

Deer season has arrived.  Now is the time to stock our freezer with the only red meat I eat.  And this year we are going to start making our own venison dog food for Ginny.  So it’s time to add hunting to my to-do list.

Once the woodshed and freezer are full, and the fields are mowed, for a while we won’t have much to do other than keeping the fire going and keeping the animals fed. That’s when we’ll bring out the seed catalogues and prepare to start all over again.

It’s a beautiful and natural rhythm.