Meet Up Success

We were prepared for our attempt at a homesteading/sustainable living “meet up” group to be a failure.  We wouldn’t have been surprised if only a few friends had shown up for it.

So we were very pleased when 19 adults (and two children) came.  Many of them were people we had never met before.

We had a good potluck meal together, then an open discussion on what the group should be like if we continue having the gatherings.  All agreed that we should make the meetings a regular event.

Everyone there shared a passion for sustainable living.  We met a family that is learning to cook with wood and is preserving most of their food.  We met another family that is operating an organic potato farm and working on generating their own electricity and going off-grid.  Several of the folks who attended are pursuing urban homesteading. It was great to learn that there a broad range of homesteading skills in the group.  We’ll all be able to learn a lot from each other.

We heard from quite a few folks who had conflicts but plan to attend in the future.  A friend told me yesterday that it appears we’re going to end up with a much larger group than we originally expected.  That’s very encouraging.

We’ve scheduled our next gathering for November 23 and are excited about what the future will hold for our group.