And yet, here and there…

The finely tuned universe provides a provocative picture of cosmic evolution, but it would be a mistake to ignore the details of the curious path that this biofriendly universe took from the seeming chaos of the big bang to our remarkable planet.  It would also be a mistake to overlook the interesting collateral that was produced along the way.  For every star capable of hosting a biofriendly solar system like our own, a billion dead zones appeared along the way; for every earth-like planet revolving happily around its life-giving sun, there are a million sterile orbs where life could never exist; in between the uncountable interesting lights that dot the night sky are vast swaths of emptiness, implacably hostile to any kind of life.  And yet, here and there, in our vastly extravagant cosmos, there are earth-like planets orbiting sun-like stars.  We live on one such planet.

From The Language of Science and Faith by Karl Giberson and Francis Collins