Apple Envy

This is the time of year when plenty of folks are trying to figure out what to do with all the apples their trees are producing.  I’ve been seeing lots of references to the challenges of dealing with beaucoup apples.  This is not an issue on our farm.  I have a bit of apple envy.

When we started trying to reclaim our farm years ago, the ancient orchard hadn’t been tended in a long time.  It was just too far gone to save.

So we started over again and planted lots of trees, favoring traditional old-fashioned apples from this area.  Keeping the deer from destroying them has been a challenge, but they’re starting to mature and produce now.  We’re happy to have the apples, but so far it’s only a few.

I spent many hours of my childhood sitting in apple trees around this farm, eating apples.  I liked them tart and green.  I probably ate my weight in them every year.

Apples are one of earth’s most nutritious (and tastiest) foods, but probably not in the quantities I ate them and certainly my grown-up stomach would object to the green ones I loved as a kid.

My mother didn’t want to see anything go to waste, so when the apples were in she made apple sauce, apple butter, apple juice, fried apples, baked apples and apple pies.  She canned them and froze them.  We were never short of apples in our house.  In those days we had the problem of trying to find ways to use or save all the apples the farm was producing–the same problem I’ve seen so many folks mentioning lately.

Maybe someday I’ll be wondering what to do with all our apples.  But for now, I just envy those who do.