Getting Worms


We have a worm bin in our basement.  Worms are very easy to keep.  Getting started is a simple process.  We just give them our coffee grounds (filter and all) as well as some occasional crushed eggshells and they thrive.  A worm bin can easily be maintained in an apartment and is a excellent way to produce compost and plant food.

Here’s a link to the simple instructions we used to set ours up:

We bought the worms from a nearby source we found online and they mailed them to us. A better way would be to put a request up on some place like craigslist, to find a local source that would provide them for free.  All you need is a handful.  Nature will take over from there.


The castings from a worm bin are awesome fertilizer.  Just take a little and add it to the hole when planting transplants.  “Worm tea” can be made easily, by pouring water into the worm bin, then collecting what drains out the bottom.  Dilute that with water and spray it on seedlings to boost their growth naturally.

The worms can also be used as fishing bait, of course.

Worms don’t like light so they will have no interest in trying to escape.  They are odorless, so that’s not an issue either.

Adding a worm bin is a simple and easy way to take a step toward a more sustainable life.