Finding Stuff

Following up on my recent post about stuff I find in the garden, and allowing myself to belief that someone might actually find that sort of thing interesting, I thought I’d share photos of a couple of things that have turned up lately.

This plow point for example.


I’ve been tending the garden where I found this for years.  How did it escape detection for so long?

And this horse shoe (actually most likely a mule shoe).


I wonder how long ago it was lost.  We still used draft animals on my grandfather’s farm when I was very young, but by the time I was ten or so they’d been retired in favor of tractors.  It’s been even longer since they were used on our farm.  So I don’t know from personal experience, but I suspect having a mule lose a shoe was the equivalent of having a flat tire today.

I’ve found lots of them (and lots of plow points) on the farm over the years.  I added this one to a collection in our equipment shed.


Makes me wonder if some gardener in the future will find my lost reading glasses, for example, and in turn wonder about the person who lost them.