Rayne and the Pear

Our seven year old granddaughter likes to “help” me with our farm chores when she’s here. During her last visit we took a break and I gave her a pear from one of our trees.  She said it was the best pear she’d ever tasted in her life, and I’m sure that was a true statement. She was really enjoying that pear.

But I made the mistake of going inside and getting myself a bowl of ice cream.  I was hot and had already eaten a pear.  Ice cream is a rare treat for me, but at that moment, that’s just what I felt like eating.

Y’all can guess where this is going.

I brought my ice cream out onto the back deck where Rayne was sitting with Cherie, enthusiastically eating her pear.  To my surprise, she put the pear down and said she didn’t want the rest of it.  Then, about a minute later, she asked for ice cream.

Ice cream was preferable to the best pear she’d ever eaten in her life.

And that episode illustrates one of the most significant reasons we have a health crisis in this country.

Why eat a pear when you can eat ice cream instead?