Garden Dweller

See who I found hiding in one of our old gardens?


You may have to look closely.


While I’d rather not have rabbits in the gardens, they do so little damage compared to that done by the deer, groundhogs and raccoons, that I don’t bother much with them.

Nevertheless, I’d prefer they find some other place to hang out.

7 comments on “Garden Dweller

  1. shoreacres says:

    Last weekend I went to a nearby nature preserve for a little walk. It’s small, but very close to home, so it’s easy to pop over for a half-hour or so. As I drove in, a rabbit much like this one was at the edge of the brush, looking at the grass. I stopped, rolled down the window and watched as it began hopping closer and closer to the car. Apparently an idling car isn’t as much of a threat as a human on foot – the danged thing hopped so close that I had to put my head out the window to look at it. It couldn’t have been more than a foot away from the car.

    We looked at one another, then it munched some grass, twitched and flared its nose, turned its ears this way and that and generally just sat around. No one else turned into the drive, so I sat there and watched for about ten minutes. Then, I got bored, and went on in to park and have a walk. When I left, it still was there at the side of the road, enjoying the grass.


    • Bill says:

      Sometimes their defense mechanism here seems to be to freeze rather than to run. Usually rabbits race away at any sign of us, but sometimes they stay put until you’re practically on them.


  2. Fox says:

    My father-in-law rescues rabbits from his work. They release them in the yard. So far it’s been over sixty this year. Knowing there are that many rabbits around makes me wonder what I’d have to do to keep a garden!


    • Bill says:

      It’s nice that he does that. But I sure wouldn’t want 60 rabbits to be released here!


      • Fox says:

        He works at a plant nursery, so probably better to have them here. Then again, I’m not sure how many survive with the birds of prey and the coyotes we always here. I have to wonder if he’s really just doing a services for the snakes, hawks, and coyotes.


  3. My ancient dog spotted one this morning when we were out for morning ablutions – and she took off like a puppy. Only problem? She was on leash, and I was holding a mug of tea…we holed up the rabbit, though.


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