What a Wonderful World

Last night I went out to feed the bees.  It’s the time of year for them to get some sugar water to make sure they have enough food to get safely through the winter.  It had been a busy day and I’d forgotten to do that.  So it was pitch black when I went out to do it and my flashlight, on the verge of expiring, was shining very dimly.

So my evening routine was disrupted and my flashlight wasn’t operating properly.

Those were lucky circumstances.

It was a dark, cool, clear, moonless night.  The stars were magnificent.  Few things are more awe-inspiring than the Milky Way stretched across a clear, moonless sky.

I stopped, took at deep breath and smiled.

It’s a crazy messed-up world.  But it’s also a beautiful place.

I’m awakened by a rooster crow each morning and I fall asleep each night holding my wife’s hand.

That’s the reality that I remind myself I must never take for granted.

What I focus on determines what I miss.