Late Tomatoes

I’ve just come in from picking tomatoes.  In a normal year that would be no big deal.  But after losing everything we planted in May to blight, I wasn’t sure we’d have any tomatoes this year.

Every year we try to plant a “late garden.”  The late garden is for summer crops, intended to arrive late in the summer.  It’s part insurance and part just a way to stretch the summer veggies out.  So in the middle of June I planted a couple of rows of tomatoes in the late garden.  And now, as we’re able to enjoy them and provide them to our CSA members, I’m glad I did.

The blight is killing the late tomatoes as well, but much more slowly (oddly, it seems that our earlier crop suffered from “late blight” and what we have now is the more common, less catastrophic “early blight”).  So even as the blight moves slowly up the plant we’re still able to harvest lots of tomatoes.

We’ve been pigging out on tomatoes lately (and so have our pigs).

Next year I’m planning to plant more of the blight-resistant cherry tomatoes that thrive here.   We’re also going to put more tomatoes into our late garden.  It’s just not summer without vine-ripened tomatoes fresh from the garden.