Their walls are built of cannon balls
Their motto is “Don’t Tread on Me”

Robert Hunter

Virginia now has over 200 specialty license plate options.  Seriously.  Over 200.

There are license plates available featuring sports teams (whether from Virginia or not), military status and awards, civic organizations, all manner of wildlife, political causes (pro-life or pro-choice?  There’s a license plate for both), fraternities and sororities, charitable causes, historical events (why would anyone want a license plate with “War of 1812” printed on it?) and the list goes on and on. There is an NRA plate and an AFL-CIO plate, a Parrothead plate and a Peace plate.  A Friends of Tibet plate and a Friends of Coal plate.  You get the idea.

Of course it’s possible to just get a plain old ordinary license plate.  The specialty plates cost extra.  We’ve never seen any value to forking over extra money to the state for a specialty license plate, but in our shopping-crazed culture they’ve become very popular and therefore a source of additional revenue for the state.

Here’s a specialty plate that is becoming increasing popular around here:

Don't Tread On Me Plate

Given that taxes and big government are two of the things most often complained about by such folks, I find it strangely ironic that so many of them are voluntarily paying more taxes than they are required to pay, in order to sport a government-issued license plate proclaiming their desire not to be trod upon.

Shaking my head.