From the Goose

It’s been over a month since the Wild Goose Festival and I still haven’t written about any of the talks we attended.  Unlike past years, I didn’t take detailed notes this year. Those that I did take have been sitting here by my computer for weeks, waiting for me to do something with them.

Krista Tippet’s interview of Brian McLaren will be on her radio program eventually, so there isn’t much point in trying to recall that discussion here.  (By the way, her interview with Nadia Bolz-Weber is already available for any interested.)  But here are a few of the things he said that made it into my notes:

What you focus on determines what you miss.

We write “In God We Trust” on the god we really trust.

A whole new thing happens when Christianity is derived from an empire that needs it to baptize its wars.

If we don’t become people of peace in our hearts, we’ll just create a new set of theological ideas about which to become violent.

Some good stuff upon which to chew.