Meeting Up

For a long time we’ve been thinking about trying to organize a local community of folks who share our passion for simple and sustainable living for occasional gatherings.  We’ve been inspired by what some friends of ours in Bedford have accomplished with their group they call Land and Table.  So we finally made the decision to give it a try.

So on October 19  we’ll be hosting an organizational meeting of people interested in  ongoing conversation about this way of life.

We even set up a Meetup Group invitation.

That’s not the sort of thing we do, but we know there are probably people out there who share our passions and would like the occasional company of like-minded folks.  So we’re throwing out the invitation, unsure of what kind of response we’ll get.

Our hope is that a group of us can get together regularly to share stories and ideas, watch movies, discuss books, make music, have meals and enjoy fellowship, all around a common interest in homesteading and sustainable living.

Hopefully somebody will show up.  The first time our friends in Bedford met there were only a handful of them sitting around a kitchen table brainstorming.  Now it is a vibrant community with dozens of regular participants. Their community has some advantages we don’t enjoy here, but maybe there will be enough interest here to make a go of it.

We’ll see.