Don’t let her gray face fool you.

Ginny may have a few years behind her, but she isn’t afraid to chase off a pack of coyotes, as she’s done twice in the last week.

Back in my travelling days she got in the habit of sleeping in the house at night.  But even while inside she pays attention to what’s going on outside.  Twice in the last week she’s awakened us, alerting us to the presence of coyotes near the barn.  In both cases we let her out and her barking moved them along.

When a coyote was attacking our chickens in the daylight a year or so ago, Ginny took it on, chasing it into the woods and away from the chickens.

She’s learned which animals are allowed on the farm and which are not.  She never bothers the chickens, but when she spotted a wild turkey stealing food from their coop she ran it off with zeal.  She takes on raccoons, possums, and groundhogs whenever the opportunity presents itself.

She’s a loyal and noble animal.