Sow the Earth

David Wimbish and the Collection are staying in our old farmhouse this week, where they’re finishing writing their new album.  Check out this video of one of the songs that will be on the record.

After seeing them at the Wild Goose Festival we discovered (by something of a fluke) that they were in need of a place to use as a retreat this week.  I offered our old farmhouse and they were delighted to accept.

They’ll be here all week.  Definitely a first for White Flint Farm.

Whitney and a kid

Whitney and a kid



More information about the band is on their website (including ways to obtain their music).

I’ve been sowing seeds all week (with diligence and love, I hope).  It’s time for fall planting. We’re ready to put this crazy summer behind us.

Last night’s low was 54.  That’s not a typo.

Before this year we’ve never had kids born in August here and this month we’ve had two born.

Did the goats know, five months ago, how unseasonably cool it was going to be?

Fancy's little doeling

Fancy’s little doeling

Nellie's little buckling

Nellie’s little buckling

Our brooder experiment was a success, as our new chicks attest. It’s a delight to discover these little creatures in the morning.



Life, art, and music are bursting forth on the farm these days.

Loving it.