In the cool of morning

We’ve been leaving the bedroom windows open at night to enjoy the cool air.  It feels like October outside.  It’s not the best weather for growing summer vegetables, but it sure is pleasant to be in.

Sleeping with the windows open means I get the pleasure (as I did this morning) of waking to bird songs punctuated by rooster crows after having fallen asleep to the sounds of crickets and frogs.

As I was doing the morning chores I noticed that the poplars are changing.


But that’s not because of our fall-like temperatures.  They always start turning in August, getting a head start on fall.  I’ve written about it before.

As usual, a few of the resident deer watched me as I carried the pigs their breakfast.


The thistle that I’ve been meaning to dig up has bloomed.  Note to self:  dig up the thistle before it goes to seed.


I was pleasantly surprised to see that our shiitake logs are producing again. Mushrooms in August.  I suppose nothing should surprise me this year.  I’m hoping to enjoy these before we leave for the Wild Goose Festival.


The morning air these days is scented with the smell of tobacco curing in my neighbor’s barns.  It’s a smell that always brings back memories of my childhood.

All in all, a very nice way to start my day.