Going to the Goose

We rarely leave the farm overnight.  It’s especially difficult to do in the Summer.  So when we do, there has to be a really compelling reason.

We haven’t yet figured out how we’re going to manage it, but ten days from now we’ll be going to the Wild Goose Festival for a few days of camping, music and wisdom-seeking.  This festival has rocked our world the last two years.  (See posts about that HERE HERE and HERE).  My experience there in 2011 convinced me to (finally) leave my old job.   It revived us in many ways.  We’re hoping for more inspiration and rejuvenation in 2013 as well.

This year we’ll be part of a presentation entitled “Food, Faith and the Future.”  The format is PechaKucha, which is new to me.  We’ll be talking about alternatives to the industrial food system and hoping we don’t embarrass ourselves.

I can’t recommend this event highly enough.   It’s an extraordinary gathering of soul-nourishing people.  Hope to see some of y’all there.

12 comments on “Going to the Goose

  1. DM says:

    Good morning Bill. Read all three of your links that talked about wild goose. I’d be tempted to go if we lived closer. any chance you could expound more on “Christine Sine and the immense spiritual importance of gardening?” 🙂 they all resonate with me @ some level. Just the fact that God used it to change your career direction alone tells me some pretty deep stuff is happening @ these events. We have some believer friends that live in the Asheville area, I’ll have to ask them if they’ve ever been to one. Can’t wait to hear what you write about when you get back. DM


    • Bill says:

      Christine Sine’s talk was wonderful. Some snippets from my notes: “the church calendar was originally tied to the agricultural year. We are meant to flow in the same kind of seasons as the garden. Mary mistook the resurrected Jesus for a gardener, because that’s what he is (new creation). The garden is a metaphor for the generosity of God. A metaphor for God’s economics. There is no better way to teach people about our faith than through the garden. We read about the death and resurrection of Jesus in the Bible, but in the garden we experience it. Compost transformation is a profound metaphor of the Kingdom of God (transformation of garbage/refuse to black gold).” These are just disconnected snippets, but they’ll give you the idea. Her blog is http://godspace.wordpress.com/

      I hope your friends can make it. But I must add that I would recommend this festival to anyone, believer or not. I know “Christian” events often say that they’re welcoming to unbelievers, then try to convert them if they attend, but Wild Goose really is open and welcoming to all.

      Maybe you can make it some other year. It really is a great event.


      • I read one of Tom Sine’s books a few years ago – I think it was Mustard Seed vs McWorld. I became aware of Christine’s work from there. Both wonderful people living out their gifts.

        In his DVD “Everything is Spiritual” Rob Bell also alludes to the agricultural rhythm of our church calendar, of the reason for festivals, the need for seasonality, etc.

        Enjoy the Wild Goose Festival. The stress of deer, farm sitting, and the all those what-ifs will fade away once you’re there. It’s so cool that you get to speak at this one, after having attended a couple as a visitor. The fast paced slide format will work fine, you’ll see.


      • Bill says:

        Tom Sine spoke at least year’s event, and it was a pleasure and privilege to hear him. They are both inspirational people.

        I love the “Everything is Spiritual” DVD. It made a big impact on me when I saw it. He is a gifted communicator. I’d forgotten the reference to the agricultural rhythm of the church calendar.

        The truth is that we really do need a little getaway. I’m looking forward to it.


  2. Jeff says:

    Thank you for posting this. I sent the information I could find online about the festival to a friend who lives in the Asheville area – she’s been looking for a long time for a church that she feels comfortable in. Perhaps she’ll find someone there who she can hook up with.


    • Bill says:

      That’s great Jeff. This is a really awesome community and it is especially good (in my opinion) for folks who have trouble feeling comfortable in churches. By the way, I just learned that the Wild Goose website was down earlier today, so if you weren’t able to access it you might try it again later.


  3. shoreacres says:

    Getting away always is good, especially to a place where challenge and comfort co-exist. I know you’ll enjoy it!


  4. Farmgirl says:

    The farm will be there when you get back! Enjoy and get refueled! Wish I lived closer so I could join everyone!


  5. El Guapo says:

    Have a blast! Hope you open some new minds while you’re there.


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. Our talk is pretty basic and I suspect anyone interested enough to attend will already know most of it. But who knows? I certainly walked into some intellectual punches at my first Goose, so maybe it will happen to someone in our session.


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