Mushrooming in July


It’s mid-July and mushrooms are popping up all over the place.

Last year’s record-setting drought has been washed away by record-setting rain. Our gardens are overrun by weeds and grass and it’s too wet to cultivate with anything other than our hands.  The incessant rain, which began in March, has depressed our yields and in some cases prevented planting altogether.  As bad as drought is, in some ways this is worse. When it’s too dry I can get water in the gardens with irrigation.  When it’s too wet there’s nothing I can do.

But despite our struggles in the gardens, folks are coming to the farm store and we continue to do well at the farmers market, with more and more customers every week.  



I guess you could say that interest in naturally grown local food is mushrooming.


4 comments on “Mushrooming in July

  1. shoreacres says:

    Feast or famine, as they say. We’re so dry even the bays have become too salty for the fish. You know it’s bad when the fish need rain!


    • Bill says:

      I’ve read about how dry it is in other parts of the country and wished there was some way we could spread it around more equitably. It rained another 1/2 inch last night. Everything here is a just a wet muddy mess right now.


  2. It does seem pretty uneven across the continent. I’ve heard that New England is having the same issue as you – impossible to make hay, cultivation is difficult, crops are drowning. Up here in the PNW, our summer has been fine – dry, which is normal, but not overly hot. I would love to see the historical data on this, if only precipitation records had been kept accurately. Are we in a cyclical trend, is this part of global warming? Is this new, or just a repeat from a century or so ago?


    • Bill says:

      The swing from last year to this year here has been crazy. Our winter was unseasonably warm, with very little precipitation. It seemed that we were bound to have another year of drought. Who would have predicted this?


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