Shaving Soap


Cherie bought me this a year or so ago.  The shaving soap is homemade.  She got it from an Etsy shop.

Now I wonder why I squirted shaving cream out of a can all those years.  I’ve shaved hundreds of times since getting this and I’ve hardly made a dent in the soap in the mug.  It came with a second bar, but I wonder whether I’ll need it in my lifetime.

This is a simple way to shave and I greatly prefer it to shaving cream.  This is also much more environmentally friendly.  No more wasteful packaging and aerosols.  It’s also a nice little form of resistance against the corporate giants who sell us shaving cream.

I know my grandfather used a brush and soap dish to lather his face.  I can’t remember what my father used.

So how were we convinced to switch from this simple, inexpensive and perfectly satisfying way of shaving?  What convinced us to start spending lots of money on brightly colored cans of shaving cream?

As I was thinking about that, these commercials from my childhood popped into my head.  I’d wager they sold a lot of shaving cream.  And over time, we just forgot that the stuff is entirely unnecessary.

It’s the same story for lots of the stuff we buy and much of the trash that fills our landfills.

I’m glad to have stepped away from this one.