We’ve had a couple of opportunities to tell our story lately.  Cherie and I spoke to a local garden club and I spoke to a local Rotary group.  Both talks were well received.

Tomorrow we’ll be talking about our story and practices at a meeting of our local goat farmer association. In a couple of weeks we’ll be leading a group discussion on sustainability and creation care as part of a way of following Jesus.  Also in a few weeks I’ll be participating in an on-line video presentation on food and faith (I’ll pass along details once they’re firmed up).  In August we’ll be presenting at the Wild Goose Festival as part of a series of talks on Food, Faith and the Future.  They’ve asked that one to be in Pecha Kucha format, rather than my usual free-flowing ramble.

I enjoy talking about our journey and what we’re trying to accomplish.  At the events we’ve done (and at our Open House) we generated lots of questions.  Both times the Q&A at the end went longer than the talk itself.  People seem genuinely interested in learning more about their food and their food choices.  So far anyone who thought we were nuts has been polite enough not to say so.

I’m particularly excited about being a part of Wild Goose, which has been an amazing life-changing experience for us the last couple of years.

Maybe we’ll say something that will do someone some good.  At a minimum, I hope we’re helping to keep the conversation going.

P.S.  After posting this one of our members sent us a link to this article promoting our upcoming talk, which we hadn’t seen: