It’s in the Barn

Our hay is in the barn.  What a challenging and frustrating time we had with it.  The actual haying went very smoothly–no equipment problems and much greater volume than I expected. But Mother Nature seemed intent on stopping us.

After I had raked most of it, we got an unexpected rain and I had to do it again.  Cherie and I worked late getting it in Friday night, but being dog tired and facing the farmer’s market requiring us to be up very early the next morning, I ran out of gas before we got in the barn and quit loading it  around 9:30.  After the market on Saturday I baled a field for a neighbor and he and his son helped me get up the last of ours.  I backed the trailer into the barn and began unloading it, and was soon hit with a strong shower blowing in from the east, which is very unusual. So the rain was blowing in through the barn door and wetting the hay.  I managed to get a tarp over it and it’s (hopefully) drying out now.

The good news is that we have close to 400 bales in the barn.  The not-so-good news is that we probably have 600 bales-worth still on the ground, some raked already and all rained on twice.  

But stuff happens and this has just been a crazy wet year.   And no matter what happens, we no longer have an empty hay loft.