Good and Bad

There are plenty of things to be happy about on our farm these days.

For example, Holly had this pretty kid last night.


And we’re continuing to get an abundance of late spring greens from the gardens.



But a hawk continues to kill our pullets.  Deer continue to eat up our seedlings.  We continue to have intestinal parasites in some of our goats.  I haven’t written a word on my thesis in months.

I’ve been working as late as possible for the last three days to get our hay ready.  And yesterday morning while I was picking the CSA shares, it starting raining–an unforecast shower that was not enough to do much good for the gardens but enough to wet cut hay waiting to be raked and baled.  It dried out enough (I hope) for to start raking anyway, but looking out the window this morning, it looks like rain again.  Ay yi yi.

It’s always like that around here.  There’s good and bad, encouraging and frustrating.

On balance the good always greatly outweighs the bad.  It just doesn’t always feel like that.

One comment on “Good and Bad

  1. shoreacres says:

    Well, I feel your pain. It’s been so hot around here I haven’t been able to vanish in the middle of the day. Last night, there was wonderful cloud cover and a breeze, and it went down to 90 degrees. I went out, and got a nice coat of varnish on a boat. An hour later, an unforecast rain – thunderstorm – came rolling through.

    I’m off to work to see if the varnish had tacked off before the rain came. I suspect I’ll spend today sanding off what I did yesterday.

    Isn’t weather fun? Hope you’re nice and dry for a spell, now.


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