Farmer’s Market

We’ve had lots of goodies at the farmer’s market the past two weeks.  I didn’t remember to get a picture yesterday, but here’s Cherie helping set up our booth last week.


She didn’t have on her signature apron, because she was heading out to another civic event and couldn’t stay for the market.

It’s encouraging to find more and more folks who are choosing locally and organically grown food.

7 comments on “Farmer’s Market

  1. shoreacres says:

    Lucky you, to have such greens! Ours are about gone now – but yesterday I picked up blackberries, vine-ripened tomatoes, yellow squash and green beans. Yum!


    • Bill says:

      We’re heading into that season now. Tomatoes, squash, green beans and much more should be ready soon. Yesterday while I was cutting hay I spotted a ripe blackberry, so I stopped the tractor so I could enjoy it. Always love that first blackberry of the year. I’m guessing we’re about 2 weeks away from having them in.


  2. Really nice stand and display – simple, crisp colours, nice baskets down in front. Those greens – so diverse and so big!


    • Bill says:

      Thanks. We’re still trying to improve our farmer’s market presentation. It’s been a crazy year for growing veggies. We’re behind on everything. But a benefit has been the best looking spring brassicas we’ve ever had. The collards are the size of elephant ears and the kale is just phenomenal.


  3. Bob Braxton says:

    quick-change from farmer to former


  4. Farmgirl says:

    Beautiful set up!


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