Finally Cutting Hay

It’s after 9:30 as I sit down to write this, and I have to be up before five to pick the things we’re taking to the farmer’s market tomorrow.  Even during these long days, there just aren’t enough daylight hours to keep up.

I was finally able to start cutting our hay, nearly a month later than I would have preferred.  It’s just been too wet.  We need a minimum of five dry days to get it done.  I’m gambling that it won’t rain for a while.   But at this point I don’t feel I have a lot to lose.    If it spoils, I’ll just try to do better this fall.

There were plenty of great photo opportunities today, but alas, I forgot to take my phone (which is also my camera).

I rousted two fawns, and innumerable rabbits and mice.  The fawns had been hidden in the tall grass by their mothers and only ran when the mower was dangerously close.   Fawns are very pretty, but I’m not happy with our resident deer these days.  A couple of them walked through my cantaloupe garden, eating the tops out of many of the plants.  Having spent many long hours working that garden, and being fond of the melons, that greatly annoyed me.  Then this morning I discovered they’d done the same thing in my okra patch.  I can’t recall ever having deer eat okra and cantaloupe plants.  It’s not as if there isn’t anything else to eat these days.

After the farmer’s market it’s back to cutting hay.  Then in a couple of days (hopefully) I’ll start raking and baling it.  It will be nice to have it behind us.