Things Change

It seems like just yesterday I was fretting over the pastures being depleted and having to buy hay.


Spring, and a couple of months of rain, have sure changed my tune.

Maggie and crew and now wondering when I’m going to get around to mowing their pasture.

6 comments on “Things Change

  1. Elizabeth Snider says:

    Hi Bill,
    I sure enjoy reading your blog everyday! Here in Albuquerque,NM we could sure benefit from some rain, less than half an inch since Oct.! I hope your year is a prosperous one!!
    Liz Snider


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Liz. I recently read an article about how bad the drought is in Texas, but didn’t know it was as bad as that. 1/2 inch in 7 months?? And through the spring, no less. We endured a pretty bad drought last year and experts were predicting it would continue into this year, but we just came out of the wettest May on record and it’s been raining steadily into June. We’ve had 3 1/2 inches already this week and the forecast is for more tonight. We just play the hand we’re dealt, as best we can.


  2. Bob Braxton says:

    plus ca change: the mower things change, mower the same


  3. I absolutely love this photo and am so glad things changed!


    • Bill says:

      Thanks Teresa. I wish I’d cropped it, so you could get a better look at their faces. Maggie can see over the grass, but the smaller ones can’t. Just a two months ago there was hardly anything for them to eat in that pasture.


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