Hoeing Corn

I spent a lot of time Monday cultivating our sweet corn.   We plant our corn rows close together (about 2 1/2 feet apart) to help with pollination.  So it all has to be cultivated by hand.  I use a wheel how for the middles and an regular old-fashioned hoe to side it up.  The corn was in danger of being overrun by grass, so I’m glad to have that task behind me. 


Hoeing corn is something that doesn’t happen much more.  The vast majority of the corn grown these days has been genetically modified to be resistant to glyphosate (Roundup).  So after the corn starts coming up farmers just spray the entire field with Roundup, killing every plant in it except for the GMO corn.  That’s the theory at least.  Nature finds ways to defeat the things that attack it, and increasingly this practice is creating herbicide-resistant superweeds.  I reckon that just opens up a new market for more powerful herbicides and more novel GMO seeds.

I’ll stick to my hoe.