Movie Nights

Once our kids were born Cherie and I stopped going out on dates.  We tried it a few times early on.  We’d get a babysitter and go to dinner.  But we usually would go from there to a bookstore, then be back home before 9.  We just no longer had it in us to stay out late.

So we started renting movies on weekend nights.  After the kids were in bed we’d settle in for a movie and call that our “date night.”  I always looked forward to it.

Fast forward.

We fell out of that practice about ten years ago.  We gave up TV many years ago, but even though we don’t get TV reception, we still have a television.  And a netflix account.  We’re just not using them very often.  We’ve gotten in the practice of going to bed at 10:00 and with farm life we don’t usually get settled in in the evenings till nine or so.  We’re usually too tired (or just unwilling) to stay up late enough to watch a movie.  So instead we usually sit in the family room and read for about an hour to unwind.

On those few ocassions these days when we do watch a movie, it’s almost always a documentary.  We often laugh at ourselves for being so “serious.”

Lately I’ve been thinking we need to get back into the practice of sitting down together for movie nights.  And I think we ought to just allow ourselves to be entertained more often (though I’m sure we’ll never give up the documentaries).

We’ll see.  In the meantime, feel free to pass along any movie recommendations.