Open House is Behind Us


Our Field Day/Open House was Saturday and it was a great success.  We had absolutely gorgeous weather and a large crowd.  Cherie had the Old House looking beautiful.  There were lots of children.  Really, it went much better than we had hoped.

I remembered to have my camera with me, but was so busy I didn’t take a single picture.  I’m still hoping to get some photos from some of the guests and if so I’ll pass some of them along, either here or on facebook.

I had a large trailer with hay bale seats hitched to the tractor for the farm tour.  It would have taken 3 trailers to hold the number of folks who went on the tour, however, so most walked.  I later heard that the “hayride” was especially enjoyed by some of the kids.

One of the unexpected highlights of the tour was the discovery of a killdeer nest in the gravel road next to the pasture.  Luckily it survived all the attention, as did the frantic expectant parents.


The crowd asked lots of good, thoughtful questions on the tour.  It was definitely a good opportunity to spread our message!

We’d been a little nervous about the event in the days leading up to it, and it’s nice to have it behind us.  But it was so much fun, I think we’ll definitely want to do it again next year.