More of the supposedly non-existent evidence

Ingestion of GMO corn and Roundup herbicide causes mammary tumors, kidney and liver damage, premature death and other adverse health consequences in laboratory rats, according to a study by French scientists just released in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicity.  The researchers claim their study is the most comprehensive and longest-running study of its type.

The researchers’ conclusions and methodology are disputed by food industry scientists.

Whatever the merits of the study, it is further proof that those who insist that there is no evidence of adverse health consequences from GMOs are wrong.

Here’s a link to more about the study:

6 comments on “More of the supposedly non-existent evidence

  1. shoreacres says:

    Here’s a question. I’m sure you’ve answered it a dozen times here, but I just realized I don’t know the answer. If something is labeled “organic” (as opposed to “natural” or other waffle words) is it GMO free?


  2. Bob Braxton says:

    life is terminal – reflection of my mortality


  3. This topic does puzzle me. While my city-boy brain understands not wanting my produce growing in a pool of RoundUp, I don’t understand why that completely invalidates the practice of genetic modification. We’ve been modifying genes for as long as we have been farming. It has just gotten more scientific over the years. If pesticides and herbicides are a public health issue, then we should treat them accordingly. I don’t see what genetic modification has to do with it.


    • Bill says:

      Hey Jeff:
      Thanks for the comment. Genetic modification is entirely different from cross-breeding or hybridization. It only began recently and involves implanting the DNA of other species/organisms into commercial plants(as in implanting a herbicide into the DNA of corn). Cross-breedind and hybridization are ancient practices. Genetic modification is not.


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