After the Storm

Early this morning, before sunrise, a storm blew through.  It dumped an inch of rain and made quite a ruckus for a little while.  In its aftermath, and after the sun rose, it left behind a pretty sky.


After two unusually hot days (continuing our run of weird weather), nature seemed to be celebrating the moisture and the cooler air.  As I walked to the garden, the sound of my steps was the only human-made sound I could hear.  But it wasn’t quiet.  Seemingly hundreds of birds were singing, our roosters were crowing, there were wild turkeys gobbling in the woods and a couple of Canadian geese flew by honking joyfully. 

The soaking was good for the things I planted the day before, but it will further delay the rest of the planting.  So be it.

The asparagus has been slow to emerge this year.  Yesterday a neighbor stopped by to ask if ours was up yet.  His wasn’t and he couldn’t understand why.  It was something of a relief to know ours isn’t the only tardy patch.

Normally by now I’d fill at least one of these baskets each morning.  But this was all I got today.


Meanwhile the new crowns I planted are growing like mad.  Go figure.


I could grumble about things, but that would be a shame on a beautiful morning like this.  And why add a grumpy voice to the celebration? 

It’s a beautiful morning.  And that’s just fine by me.