Last year we started our CSA deliveries in mid-March.   Tomorrow is the first day of April and we have nothing to deliver.  It’s been cold most of the month and nothing is growing.  Worse than that, it’s been too wet to work our gardens, so even the things that would grow in this weather aren’t in the ground.  And this morning it’s raining.  Sigh.

Of course this is a mere inconvenience for us and our members.  I can only imagine how devastating something like this would have been in the days when people’s lives depended entirely on what they could grow. 

But I know this will pass.  Soon our gardens will be overflowing with food and we’ll be missing the moisture and cool air.

Yesterday morning when I went out to check the soil I was treated to a warm welcome from the goats and chickens.  The deer on the edge of the woods were more suspicious of me and the geese honking overhead were completely indifferent. 


In the grand scheme of things, a few weeks delay in planting is just no big deal.