Hawk and Heron

There are three ways to get to our house from the paved road.  The longest of the drives passes our pond and winds through some woods.  We call that one “the pond road.”

Yesterday afternoon I took the pond road out.  Once I was out of sight of the house I disturbed a red tail hawk, which swooped down in front of me then soared away.  Hawks are fierce-looking predators and a danger to our chickens.  But they’re undeniably impressive and beautiful creatures.

A little further down the road I startled a great blue heron, fishing on the edge of our pond. These big birds are graceful in flight, but lift-off seems to require a lot of effort.  I smiled as I watched the heron’s launching.

I’m glad I saw these birds.  They reminded me that I’m given pleasures like that many times every day.  Nature, it seemed, was telling me to chill out.

I was driving down the pond road because I had to go buy more hay.  It was the third time this March I’ve had to do that, after having never bought hay before.

After a mild winter, this March has been unseasonably cold and wet.  On Monday it snowed.

The grass in the pastures isn’t growing.  We haven’t been able to plant most of our gardens and the things that we have been able to plant aren’t growing.  We’re probably going to have to delay the start of our CSA.  To say that it hasn’t been a good month for farming would be an understatement.

So I had plenty of reasons to be grumpy and dissatisfied.

But the hawk and the heron helped me remember that for every one of those reasons, I have hundreds of reasons to be joyful and content.