Ave Francis, Vale Benedict

I think it’s wonderful that the new pope has chosen the name “Francis.”  It’s hard to believe that he’s the first pope to do so.  But I suppose it shouldn’t be.  Historically the Church has seemed to treat St. Francis a bit like a lovable, but somewhat daft, uncle.  That is to say, kindly but not too seriously.

I’m hoping that Francis will reflect the qualities of his namesake.

I don’t follow papal pronouncements very closely, but here’s a quote from Benedict that would serve well as the basis for as a worthwhile legacy, in my humble opinion.

Human beings let themselves be mastered by selfishness; they misunderstood the meaning of God’s command and exploited creation out of a desire to exercise absolute domination over it. But the true meaning of God’s original command, as the Book of Genesis clearly shows, was not a simple conferral of authority, but rather a summons to responsibility.

Benedict XVI, Message for the celebration of the World Day of Peace 2010.