Beginning the Day

Every day for me starts with my morning chores.  Once it’s light, and once I have a cup of coffee in me, I let the chickens out, check the wood in the stove and (these days) give the goats some hay.  Dawn is a beautiful time here, so while these may be “chores,” in no way are they burdens.

A few mornings ago I took along my camera.

Some years we have fed the goats very little hay.  Basically I’d only put it out if there was snow on the ground.  I’ve always had over a hundred bales left when spring arrived.  But this year, with a larger herd and a fall drought, our supply has dwindled to just a few bales and I’m worried we won’t have enough. 


Weather permitting, I’ll put up a lot more this year.

I was able to catch Elvis mid-crow.


Keeping enough firewood on hand this year has been a challenge too.  I was too busy (or just didn’t find the time) this summer to store up enough.  But winter is a good time for cutting wood and although it’s been close at times, we’ve never run out.


The beginning of another fine morning on the farm.