Cleaning Up

This is the time of year when I should be cleaning up around the farm.  For the first few years after we bought the place and moved here, that was just about all I did.  But these days, even in the winter, taking care of the gardens and animals seems to take just about all my time.

But I did find some time yesterday to get started on a clean up project I’ve been putting off for a while.


When this old barn collapsed a few years ago it brought down the shed, burying a lot of lumber I’d stored there, as well as an old farm trailer.

After dragging the tin and the remants of the shed away, and removing all the lumber that was still useable, I was able to get a good look at the trailer.


I was both impressed with the resourcefullness of the folks who built it long ago, and disappointed that I can’t see any way to salvage it for my own use.

I asked a neighbor about it, a man who can still remember using it on the farm, and he told me that it is built on an old model-T frame.  It’s extremely heavy, the tires are rotten and I doubt I’d be able to find any that would work on it.

I’ll confirm that, and if so, then the next step will be hauling it off to a scrap yard.

Hopefully I’ll get that done before garden work takes over all my time.