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It was a thrill and a blessing to have our friend and hero Danita Estrella-Watts and her husband John on the farm last week.  They stopped by for a brief visit along with Sheree Bowie (U.S. Director of Danita’s Children) and her husband Mike.  We laughed later, remembering that is was only a few years ago that Cherie discovered Danita’s Children while searching the internet for a needy and worthwhile way to help Haitian children.

What Danita has accomplished in Haiti in her dozen years there is astonishing.  Haiti is a place where it is notoriously difficult to accomplish anything.  Yet this year what began as a woman in a rented house with a few orphans and little else, is now an orphanage, school, church, clinic and soon-to-be first rate pediatric medical facility.

I mentioned our missionary friends in Haiti recently, but didn’t think to link some of their blogs.  Not all the missionaries blog, but here are a few links from a few who do.  Their stories are good reminders of what life outside our borders can be like.

Karris:  http://karrishudson.blogspot.com/

Hope:  http://hdodson.wordpress.com/

A collection of blog posts: http://www.danitaschildren.org/blog/

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