Cherie has named this little guy Brownie.  He’s spunky, playful, bold and a little mischievous.  Even though he’s smaller than the other kids (he’s about half the size of his brother), he is seemingly fearless.  When we returned Rowan to the barn pasture Brownie (who had never seen a horse before) immediately ran up to him and began nibbling on his tail.  Rowan is used to that sort of behavior from kids so nothing bad came out of it, but it reveals the kind of kid Brownie is.


Never having seen anything like him, most of the nannies don’t know what to make of him.  At first they’d push him away when he came around.  I worried that Brownie might be psychologically wounded by such treatment (yes, I really did), but it never seemed to bother him and over time the herd has adjusted to their little brown addition.


Brownie is a hit with visitors and I get requests for more pictures of him on facebook. 


We’re enjoying having the little rascal around.


Love Wins


10 comments on “Brownie

  1. Lynda says:

    Brownie is a doll, but you already know that. 😉

    Q: I would like to know what breed of goats you are raising. Thanks!


  2. Bill says:

    Hey Lynda. We raise Boers. Someone gave us Brownie’s mother Jolene (she’s in the last photo) and her brown legs caused us to believe that she must be mixed with another breed. Brownie seems to be proof of that. That’s his twin brother whose ear he’s whispering into, and that’s what all of Jolene’s other kids have looked like. Notice that Brownie is also about half the size of his brother.


  3. shoreacres says:

    The expression on his face in the photo where you’re holding him is priceless. “Self-possessed” is the phrase that comes to mind.


  4. Bob Braxton says:

    has a nose for adventure. Who “nose,” someday may grow to be a girl scout


  5. adm says:

    Crazy! Brownies brother looks just like a Boer. Do you think maybe there’s some pygmy in there? He’s really adorable, regardless. It looks like the middle of April on your farm in our zone! Spring cometh…


    • Bill says:

      Brownie’s father is a Boer and his mother is at least half Boer. We’ve always had a suspicion that his mother might be part pgymy and Brownie looks like evidence of that.
      I’m itching to start planting. Just a couple more weeks…


  6. I forgot to leave a comment for dear sweet Brownie. I absolutely love this little guy!


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