Sustainable Market Farming

Image: front cover

Last weekend we attended the Virginia Biological Farmers Association conference in Richmond.  I picked up a lot of great information and it is always inspiring to be in the presence of so many folks who share our passion for sustainable agriculture.

One of the highlights of the event for me was the chance to meet Pam Dawling and get a copy of her new book Sustainable Market Farming.  Pam manages the gardens at Twin Oaks Community, feeding 100 people with healthy sustainably grown vegetables.  She’s a regular contributor to Growing For Market magazine and I’ve always found her articles and suggestions to be practical, wise and right on point for growing in our area, in the way we do.  Last year I decided to email her and suggest she write a book, compiling all her wisdom and knowledge for the benefit of the rest of us.  When searching for her email address I learned that she already had a book in the works.  I’ve been patiently waiting for it every since.

It’s a whopper of a book, stuffed with information, tips and proven techniques.  I know that I’ll be spending a lot of time in it and that White Flint Farm will be a better place because of it.

More information on the book is HERE.  Highly recommended.

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