Uranium Update

The bills that would have authorized uranium mining and milling in our community are dead for now.  For that, we are very happy and very grateful to all those who stood with us in opposition to them.

Fortunately for us the Senate bill was referred to the Agriculture committee, which was strongly disposed against it, rather than the Commerce committee, 80% of whom had received campaign contributions from the company seeking authorization to mine.  When it became clear the bill wouldn’t make it out of the committee, it was withdrawn by the senator who introduced it (Senator Watkins).

But unfortunately the fight isn’t over.  After issuing a condescending press release attributing our concerns to ignorance and unfounded fear, Senator Watkins has gone directly to the governor, asking him to proceed with promulgation of the necessary regulations even without legislative approval.

Hopefully that is just a desperate last gasp.  That is to say, hopefully our governor won’t actually ignore the will of the people on this.   For any who would like to urge the governor to oppose uranium mining and milling in our county (and to stop wasting tax dollars on implementation of legislation that has not passed), here’s a link to a simple way to email him:  http://www.governor.virginia.gov/AboutTheGovernor/contactGovernor.cfm

Love Wins