Trips Down Memory Lane

Sound Opinions is one of the podcasts I enjoy listening to while I’m doing chores.  This morning’s episode took me down memory lane, in several directions.

First I learned that Leroy “Sugarfoot” Bonner, frontman of the Ohio Players, passed away last week.   The Ohio Players were superstars in the mid-seventies.  I was a drummer in the high school marching band and I remember us playing “Skin Tight” one night at halftime of a football game in 1975 against our arch-rivals on their home field.  We were a poor country school.  Unlike our rival band, we didn’t have enough band uniforms to go around so we drummers wore an improvised “uniform” of double knit polyester bell-bottoms and white turtlenecks.   That night when we played “Skin Tight” our drum major threw down his baton, took off his hat and started dancing.  He had a righteous afro and he had the moves.  The crowd loved it and we owned that halftime show.  RIP Sugarfoot.  Get on wit cho bad self.

The show featured an interview with the db’s, who have recorded their first new record in over 30 years.  I saw the db’s live once, back when I was in school, when the Athens scene ruled the college music world.  The db’s were from Winston-Salem, not Athens, but were connected through Mitch Easter (of Charlotte) who produced them as well as producing Athens wunderkids R.E.M., the reigning kings of college radio at the time.  Glad to discover the db’s are still bringing it after all these years.

The show also featured Joni Mitchell’s “You Turn Me On, I’m a Radio.”  One of the hosts picked it as a song he’d want on his “desert island jukebox.”  Hard to argue with that choice.

Finally, if you listen till the very end of the show you’ll hear some guy from Keeling, Virginia call in to comment about Blondie’s “Rapture,” in response to a recent show about parody and satire in pop music. If you listen to that, I recommend you go back and listen to Joni Mitchell again, to wipe out any lingering risk that you’ll get Rapture stuck in your head. After all, who needs that static? It hurts your head.

Love Wins