Destructive Eating

Do not by your eating destroy your brother for whom Christ died. 

Romans 14:15
I came across a reference to this verse recently and it set me to thinking about destructive eating.
How might we destroy our brothers and sisters “by our eating”?
Our society’s overconsumption while much of the world goes hungry might qualify.  Our support of and reliance on industrial agriculture, which contributes greatly to greenhouse gas emissions (and therefore climate change) might as well.  By eating chocolate from the Ivory Coast (the source of most of our chocolate) we create the economic incentive for the continuing enslavement of children there.  By eating chemical-laden processed foods we enrich the corporations which make them, while sinking our nation into a health crisis characterized by obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease, placing an impossible financial burden on society and threatening to leave our children and grandchildren a bankrupt nation.
“By our eating” we can nourish, strenghten and care for our bodies.  “By our eating” we can also destroy them.
And it seems to me that we have plenty of opportunities to destroy our brothers and sisters by our eating too, depending upon the ethic that we apply to our food choices.
Love Wins