Verses Project

I love collecting music.  It started with a record collection, then in the 80s and 90s I accumulated hundreds of cassette tapes.  Later I acquired a small mountain of CDs.  These days (though I still have the CDs) I have an ipod with well over 8,000 songs on it.

That’s way too much music of course, and it would take me years to listen to all of it.  But I love music and just love adding more of it to my collection, even if I know it’s more than I can reasonably expect to have time to play.

I used to discipline myself by only allowing one music purchase per month.  I always looked forward to going to the record store and agonizing over what to buy–wishing it was possible to choose from every recording available, rather than just from their inventory.  Eventually, of course, with the arrival of digitial music and sites like Amazon my wish came true.  Be careful what you wish for.

I’ve refined my discipline even more these days.  I borrow and rip CDs from the library.  I download songs from Freegal.  I very very rarely buy music anymore and I’m always excited to find a new source of good free music.

So I was naturally excited to discover The Verses Project.  Designed as a way to help folks memorize Bible verses, it provides free downloads of original songs associated with particular verses.  I became aware of the project through a song Robbie Seay (a favorite of mine) recorded

I also enjoyed this one from Joel Limpic

I’ve only listened to a few of the many songs here, but for those who are looking to check out some new music (with ancient lyrics), I recommend it.

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