Cherie and I continue to discuss ways to improve the things we’re doing here.  We’ve decided to set aside some time every Sunday to be deliberate about our planning in ways we haven’t before.

We spent a couple of hours last Sunday working on and improving our farm brochure.  We reviewed our seed orders to make sure we had everything.  We discussed what to do about fingerling potatoes, one of the new things we’re adding this year.  We talked about our options for starting plants and how best to do that.  We discussed how to start the process of trying to facilitate a community of folks who share our interests and passions.  And we spent some time talking about how to improve our website.

Our website ( is largely my work, and is therefore amateurish.  If any of y’all have any thoughts or suggestions for how to make it better, I’d love to have them.  We know we need to tell our story better and we’re thinking of adding a “Meet the Farmers” page, or something like it.

There’s a lot more to this than just growing food.

Love Wins

4 comments on “Improving

  1. Bob Braxton says:

    and sabbath


  2. shoreacres says:

    I just went over to the website, and have a few little things for you to consider.

    1. At the top, where you list “How We Farm”, “Our CSA” and so on, you might want to add a link to “Home” at the far left. That way, no matter which page people land on, they can easily get back to the home page. It’s more intuitive than clicking the banner to get back.

    2. What about a slight expansion of “A Sustainable Family Farm” to “A Sustainable Family Farm in Virginia”? or, “in Southern Virginia”, or “in Whatever County, Virginia”? It might bump you up in google search results, especially if someone in Virginia is looking for such farms. I’ve been told title and tagline are important when it comes to getting Google’s attention.

    3. On the home page, you might want those links to Facebook and Twitter to be live, so people just can click and go right over instead of having to copy and paste, or search.

    4. I would add a Twitter link on every page, too. Some people, like me, don’t like Facebook and avoid it like the plague – so offering that other option can be good.

    5. On the photo page, there now are galleries and thumbnails available through wordpress. There’s a way to do collages, too, so that any photo clicked immediately expands. You can get more photos into a smaller space without people having to scroll. You could do a set for chickens, for the goats, for the garden, etc.

    6. I might move the first paragraph from the “CSA” page over to the home page, and perhaps even expand the history just a bit. When people get to your home page, they’re going to want to know where you are. Right now, it takes some searching to figure out if you’re in Connecticut or Ohio – or Virginia!

    There. That’s the extent of my internet-guru-ing for the afternoon! Now I need to go do the same thing for myself!


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